CST-4: Operator Interface for MkIV

Control System Technologies’ CST-4 product serves as a retrofit operator interface for GE MkIV Speedtronic™ turbine controls.

The CST-4 was developed as an operator interface retrofit for all variants of the GE MkIV Speedtronic™ turbine control panels. Control System Technologies understands that MkIV hardware is quickly aging and that the threat of becoming obsolete requires an effective solution—hence the reason for developing the CST-4 Operator Interface.

Retrofitting outdated MkIV equipment ensures that the control panel’s operator interface continues performing beyond the operational lifetime established by the OEM. As power plant equipment continues to age and power generation facilities experience increased demand, the CST-4 offers exceptional value and functionality without the need to upgrade with the OEM at a higher cost.

Control System Technologies’ CST-4 offers the following features:

  • Remote operation and monitoring
  • Reliability
  • Alarm logging
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Network printing

The retrofit solution offered by the CST-4 Operator Interface includes the replacement of the CRT with a touch-screen that also replaces the membrane switches, which often deteriorate over time and can be cumbersome to operate. In addition, the data-logging capability, coupled with remote access with the full functionality—as if operating at the panel—complements the Auxiliary Display Keypad and its interface to the MkIV.

Control System Technologies’ innovative solution allows customers to retrofit their controls at a fraction of the OEM cost, while giving new life to MkIV control systems found in power generation facilities worldwide.

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