Ron Walker at the GE7EA Users Group booth

Ron Walker showcased CST’s OneVue data analysis software with wide acceptance by turbine operators at the GE7EA Users Group

The GE7EA Users Group was held at the World Golf Village Renaissance St. Augustine Resort in Florida this week, with attendance by major players who employ this OEM’s Frame 7 turbines—and Control System Technologies was present to showcase its products and services.

Ron Walker at the GE7EA Users Group booth

Ron Walker at the CST booth during the GE7EA Users Group in St. Augustine, Florida.

Ron Walker, President of Control System Technologies, exhibited his company at the GE7EA Users Group, making the OneVue data analysis software a primary focus of his booth. During the show, he provided a hands-on demo for attendees, many of whom were actively seeking solutions to common challenges in the turbine operators arena.

We have a solution that is not only optimal in helping record thousands of data points—it is also cost-effective because it helps you delve deep into the data and discover trip events and other issues,” said Walker, who is a three-decade veteran of the Power Generation industry.

During the show, Ron guided booth visitors as he proved how effective OneVue is in tracking data and uncovering oversights that the OEM tools are not capable of clearly identifying. Furthermore, a common reaction from turbine engineers and technicians was asking “why doesn’t the OEM provide this?”

And this is exactly why CST attends these events. OEM tools are not designed to manage through the issues—that is the job of the turbine controls operator, who must use their knowledge and experience to know “what to look for” as soon as there is a problem.

With both leads and orders in-hand, GE7EA has proven to be another great opportunity for CST.