eTC: Epic Turbine Controller

Control System Technologies’ eTC—Epic Turbine Controller—is a complete controller solution for industrial turbines in use in Power Generation and other industries.

Our eTC product includes a high speed networked Input/Output compatible with simplex, dual and triple-redundant systems using industry standard Ethernet communication. The eTC also features the GE Proficy Machine Edition Professional Development Suite as a programming platform and for trending, diagnostic data analysis and configuring I/O—providing a single source of quality data that is time-coherent at both controller and plant levels. This solution allows for the effective management of equipment assets, making the eTC a robust controller solution for industrial turbine operations.

As part of its system architecture, the eTC features redundancy CPU controllers that are constantly online, pulling input data directly from Redundant Protection and I/O units, which transmit on dual high-speed fiber optic I/O at 2.1 Gbps to dual Redundancy CPU controllers. The eTC can effectively be configured for single, dual and triple redundant sensors—keeping the process online in the event of failure in the network, controller or power supply.

Upon request, triple-redundant systems may be provided to help protect from partial failures in devices running with incorrect signal data. An added benefit is that triple redundant systems can out-vote failed components with a two out of three selection in signal data. Application software in Redundancy CPU controllers runs on the voted value of the signal and diagnostics identify the failed device, minimizing the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), while the on-line repair capability maximizes the mean-time-between-forced-outages (MTBFO).

At customers’ request, additional controllers can be added to separate the application software in multiple devices or equipment. Case in point, the core engine control can operate in a controller, while another one can be dedicated to the auxiliary control.

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